About us

       Founded in 1992, "Larom" Socks Factory was, due to modern technology used in production, one of the most fashionable factory since opening.
    Tehnical equipment: knitting, sewing, fineshing machines supplied from the domain manufacturers.
      The new seat of "Larom" Socks Factory is located in Reghin Street at no. 25, Reghin. Here we make and sell our products.
     We enjoy offering you an overview image of our products and our company. We would like to present
you the entire colection of men, women and children socks that we produce in a large variety of colors and models.
        Main used raw materials: cotton yarns, cotton type yarns, wollen, wollen type yarns, PA, "Lycra", PE, etc., from domestic suppliers and imported from Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Slowenia.
        At this time, "Larom" Socks Factory produce over 500 models of men, women and children socks. Factory developement will continue and our goal is to attain in the next years a 500.000 pairs of socks production annualy.
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